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Software presentation

Survey Shaker is a service for creating online polls and online surveys. It accompanies you in every step of your study: from the design of the questionnaire to the results analysis, and distribution and collection of responses.

Survey Shaker is an economic and easy to use tool. Four packs are available according to your needs:

Tarifs Survey Shaker


Once you have chosen the pack which best suits your needs, you can simply connect through the identifiers you gave at registration to start using Survey Shaker.


Connexion à Survey Shaker


Accueil Survey Shaker


Once connected, you get to the homepage of Shaker Survey. The interface is divided into three parts: the header, the work area, and the side tabs.


The header:

Bandeau d'accueil de Survey Shaker

This is the part at the top of the page. This header contains:

  • Buttons to the different stages of the survey: Design, Distribution and Collection, Data, and Analyses.
  • Buttons to specific actions according to the current step in the colored header. Example: New survey into the orange banner in the home page of Survey Shaker.
  • Access to the Assistance: User Forum and how to contact the hotline.
  • Selection of the interface language.


The work area

Zone de travail

The work area is the area in which you will work to design, distribute and analyze your survey. In the home page of Shaker Survey, the work area is divided into three parts:

  • A summary about your survey: the number of surveys available in your account, and a list of surveys recently created / modified.
  • A summary of your account: the type of account you own, the number of emails and the validity period of your subscription.
  • An overview of the latest news from the development team of Shaker Survey.

The side tabs

Onglets latéraux

The side tabs provide access to specific parts of a given stage. On the home page of Shaker Survey, four side tabs are available:

  • Home: home page of Survey Shaker.

  • My surveys: page to manage the surveys in your account.

  • My Account: page to manage information about your Shaker Survey account.

  • News: page gathering all the information from the Survey Team Shaker.